Abstract Submission


25th Jan 2019

Early Bird Registration

25th Jan 2019


10th Feb 2019

Please follow the Abstract Submission guidelines to avoid problems

APSP – FAPSS 2019 is being organized from 21st-23rd February, 2019 in Lahore Pakistan. Abstracts are invited on topics related to Paediatric Surgery & Allied Specialties:
Deadline for submission of Abstracts:
25th January, 2019
Guidelines for the submission of Abstracts:
All the abstracts will be evaluated by the scientific committee for acceptance/ category of presentation or otherwise.

You may indicate your preference (oral presentations/ poster presentations) while submitting your abstract; however, the committees’ decision will be final
• Authors can submit more than one Abstracts.
• Abstract should be proofread for accuracy before submission

Please clearly write the Title of the presentation and type of presentation (oral & poster).
The names of all authors and principal investigator should be mentioned along with affiliations and correspondence details
• Additionally the abstract must be uploaded as word file
• In word file keep the main presenter name in bold

Abstract text – limited to 250 words and must be structured in such a way to include;
– Purpose/Objectives
– Methodology
– Results
– Conclusion
– Keywords

For case reports the abstracts should not be structured:

  • Single line objective
  • No detail background needed
  • short conclusion
  • One Image or Table can be upload with Abstract


25TH JANUARY, 2019


Abstracts are invited on topics related to the specialties of Pediatric Surgery including:

  • Neonatal Surgery
  • General Pediatric Surgery
  • Pediatric ENT
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Pediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Pediatric Oncological Surgery
  • Pediatric Urologic Surgery
  • Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery